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Protective Styling: Crochet Braid FAQs

As you get to know me, you’ll find that I am a “Jill” of many trades. I am a Licensed Natural Hair stylist and specialize primarily in crochet braids. I have been receiving questions regarding crochet braids and thought posting a FAQ would be the best way to help anyone who is considering this awesome protective style. Let me know if you have rocked crochet braids and what you thought of them!




Crochet Braids FAQ:

 What are Crochet Braids: Crochet braids are hair extensions (usually synthetic) that are crocheted onto your own hair with a latch hook tool.

How is the hair attached: Using the latch hook the hair is looped around braids.

How long have I been doing crochet braid? 5 years

How long does the installation take? – 3 to 4 hrs

How long do they last? Typically 6 to 8 weeks (varies based on style)

Can I get them wet?: Yes there are certain (pre-curled) crochet styles that work very well for swimming as well as a weekly wash routine for those who work out. Please Note: Marley crochet or straight styles are not suggested for those who intend to wet the hair.

Can I wash the hair? You should confirm with your stylist the style that you have chosen can be washed. I recommend my clients stand in the shower with their head tilted back under the water and place shampoo in the palm of their hand and focus mainly on their braids rather than the crochet hair. The buildup will rinse off from the synthetic hair when you clean your braids.

How do I moisturize my Natural Hair while wearing Crochet braids: I recommend using a water based Leave in conditioner and Jamaican Black Castor oil. I suggest ORS Shealicious Leave in Conditioning Spray, I also like S Curl No Grip Activator as a moisturizer.

How long do they last? Typically 6 to 8 weeks (varies based on style).The looser the curl pattern, I find the more the hair can tangle. Don’t be discouraged from using those styles just know that the longevity may not be as shorter.

Will the hair tangle? Depending on the type of hair and chosen length, there may be some tangling. I suggest a maintenance appointment with my clients where I freshen the style by cutting the ends, redefining the curls and tightening the braids.

What protective style are you rocking right now?

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  1. Great blog idea and awesome tips!

  2. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  3.' Goselle

    Great tips

  4. I love short hair. It is great to know that crotchet braids can be cut into a short funky style. I have tried a few different types of hair. My favorite is the one that looks like the straw set. It’s sophisticated, funky, edgy, and professional.

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