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Drug Store Foundation Series – Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation

As a Freelance Makeup Artist, I am always asked what foundation I use and as you can imagine there are some clients who only want to hear MAC. Clients are surprised that in my everyday life I am usually wearing a drugstore foundation when I post my photos to my Facebook page or Instagram.


In the picture shown I am wearing the Black Opal True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Hazelnut. – $9.99 – Walmart

I find that it wears well. I love the coverage that it provides although I can’t say that it helps my large my pores any better than my other drugstore foundation. I have other drugstore foundations that I plan to share with you.

Let me know what you think about the coverage that the coverage provides. I also included the other drugstore holy grail products that I use almost daily.


  1. This looks great on you. I find that drug store brands are just as good as department store products.

  2. Love the look and your hair is so pretty! The most I wear as it relates to makeup is lip gloss and mascara. 🙂

  3. I have seen a couple of YouTube videos on this foundation and it is nice to see someone who actually likes it. Just recently, I ran out of the foundation I normally wear and looked through my caboodle ( yes, I have one of those. lol) and ran across a Maybelline Super Stay foundation, that I am sure I purchased over 7 months ago. But, never opened it.

    I tried it and I am in love with the coverage. Funny thing, they have discontinued that formula and It can only be found now on Amazon and the like. I went there and got a few bottles.

  4.' Tyra

    That looks great! I like Mac but sometimes other brands work just as well. Great coverage!

  5. Hazelnut looks great on you! I’ve heard of Black Opal, but have yet to try any of the items. I will have to check out some items next time I go in Walgreens. I have large pores as well.

  6. I’ve actually tried that Foundation before and I really liked it. It looks great on you.

  7. I love me some MAC but the way my bank account is set up it isn’t for the MAC price tag. If I can find a great foundation for a much better price then I am all for it.

  8. Looks great on you; flawless. People sleep on Black Opal, but it really is pretty good! Have you tried Iman yet?

  9. Looks nice on you. Thanks for the tips. I will use this info the next time I am in the market for makeup.

  10. Ok so I was geeked about the foundation until I saw my new FAVORITE lip color/line! I just bought flirt, embrace and lust all at the same time. I love how you mixed the lip colors. Thanks for sharing this. I’m not a huge Mac person but I love their newer liquid foundation as it has really great coverage and lasts for awhile.

  11. Looks great on you. I’ve never used black opal products before. Will definitely check Walmart next time I’m in the south. It’s so funny how people are MAC crazy. I love Elf’s foundation and Shea Moisture for my face.

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